SRA Therapeutic Laser

Our Lasers are 15 years  ahead of any other laser in the world in design and outcomes.  Our laser services combined with Spinal Reflex Analysis protocol are unsurpassed in  reducing inflammation, improving circulation and accelerating healing and repair. These are just some of the ways our laser therapy assists in revitalizing and restoring healthy tissue and reducing pain. Therapeutic laser is fast, safe and effective for a wide range of conditions.

Get started today, Schedule online for a Laser Evaluation to determine the best treatment plan for your issue(s). The treatment sessions are quick, typically 15 minutes and can be scheduled online at your convenience as well.

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Infrared Thermal Imaging

State of the art infrared imaging (IR) provides immediate and precise data for evaluation and proof of response to SRA therapeutic laser, and as such is used in our clinic as a powerful tool for getting to the cause of the problem and monitoring treatment outcomes.

IR Imaging is also available as a stand alone service.
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SRT Therapeutic Massage

Spinal Reflex Therapy treats the root cause of most pain and functional loss. SRT gets results even when other therapies have failed and it is safe for all ages, health histories & activity levels.

It is noninvasive with little to no discomfort and it is a medication and supplement free pain management system developed by Dr. Frank Jarrell.*

As a fast and effective treatment option, SRT can be applied in conjunction with SRA Laser Therapy, or as a stand alone procedure. It improves balance, range of motion, strength & function, and it speeds injury, post surgery and performance recovery while significantly reducing overall stress and anxiety. Schedule Online

5Minute Back Training

Dr. Frank Jarrell’s 5Minute Back Program

5MinuteBack™ (5MB™) Spinal Stabilization Training offers safe, non-invasive and profoundly effective ways to reduce muscle and joint pain, increase freedom and ease of movement and maximizing physical performance rapidly. 5MB is designed to complement care and provide you with long term solutions through spinal stabilization exercises.

Additional Self-Care Programs include 5Minute Back Pregnancy, 5Minute Back Yoga, and others. Learn More

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