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Therapeutic lasers for patient home use & health care provider clinical use


Whether you are a patient in search of a therapeutic laser for home use or a health care provider seeking a laser for clinical practice, Lumix superpulsed lasers provide the most powerful and effective technology available today.

The Lumix 2, 3 & 4 Series are superpulsed lasers designed for deep tissue biostimulation therapy. Depending on the model, these lasers deliver 45, 100 and 250 watts of peak power, using two - four distinct treatment wavelengths for gentle and minimal risk of tissue damage due to thermal buildup. The Lumix laser light activates cellular physiology and promotes pain relief and tissue healing.

Drawing on their high peak power pulsing between 1 and 100,000 pulses per second and 2-4 wavelengths, the Lumix lasers excel in both hard (bone) and soft tissue applications. These lasers deliver a highly energized laser beam that is significantly more powerful than most lasers on the market today, but is safe to use. The deep penetrating light beam increases mitochondrial ATP activity, triggering pain relief and rapid tissue healing in the affected areas.

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