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SRA Pain & Laser Centers of America founded in Durango, Colorado by Dr. Frank Jarrell. Dedicated to providing the most advanced therapeutic laser treatments available for the best possible outcomes with even the most difficult or long term issues. Using the most advanced laser technology and protocols available in the US, we provide safe, affordable and effect care.

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Loyd Frank Jarrell, DC, is the leading expert on spondylogenic reflex syndromes and is the founder and developer of Spondylogenic Reflex Analysis (also known as Spinal Reflex Analysis or SRA) and Spinal Reflex Therapy (SRT). He has spent over 21 years developing SRA and SRT into a highly effective system of managing neuromusculoskeletal conditions, health and performance. SRA and SRT are specifically designed to deliver simple and easy to learn 'turn-key' solutions for practitioners in a fast, safe, and effective treatment and performance protocol that maximizes the practitioner's skill set and facilitates inter-professional referrals and partnerships. He has taught in the U.S, Europe, Israel and Australia. 

A 1988 graduate of Life Chiropractic College, Dr. Jarrell has spent over 25 years in private practice. He is the Director of Spinal Reflex Institute, Intl., LLC, Spinal Reflex Research and Development Foundation (a 501-c NPO), and SRA Pain and Laser CA, LLC. 

Dr. Jarrell is an international speaker on spondylogenic reflex syndromes and mitigating strategies, wellness consultant to industry, researcher and a internationally certified educator for health care providers. He has worked extensively with Physical Therapists, Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, Nurse Practitioners, Athletic Trainers and Medical Doctors.  

His presentations cover SRA Evaluation and Management procedures, Posture and Motion, Stress Management, Ergonomics, Corporate Wellness Design and Implementation, Sports Recovery and Performance Enhancement, Sports Injury Prevention, Spinal Stabilization and Strengthening, Pain Management, DOMS Mitigation Strategies, Functional Gains in Degenerative Joint Disease, Failed or Unresolved Case Management through SRA/SRT, and 5MinuteBack/TrueCore™ Spinal Stabilization. 

Dr. Jarrell has provided SRA-based injury, recovery, and performance care to a host of professional athletes and teams in the U.S. and Europe including the Bolton Wanderers Football Club, England; Molde Football Club, Molde, Norway; Discovery Pro Cycling Team; Health Net Cycling; Toyota United Cycling; X Games Skiers; World Olympian athletes; and various other sports teams and athletes.

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Our Lasers are 15 years  ahead of any other laser in the world in design and outcomes.  Our laser services combined with Spinal Reflex Analysis protocol are unsurpassed in  reducing inflammation, improving circulation and accelerating healing and repair. These are just some of the ways our laser therapy assists in revitalizing and restoring healthy tissue and reducing pain. Therapeutic laser is fast, safe and effective for a wide range of conditions.

Get started today, Schedule online for a Laser Evaluation to determine the best treatment plan for your issue(s). The treatment sessions are quick, typically 15 minutes and can be scheduled online at your convenience as well.